"My son has grown immensely over the past year. He is now writing his name, numbers and other words. We could not be happier with his growth. The attention he receives give him an excitement to learn and grow." ~J.Z. Easton

"We have really enjoyed every aspect of my child’s time at ECDS. You have a wonderful and loving group of teacher. Activities are creative. The play time resources are engaging, clean and well maintained. The school, yard and foyer are neat and inviting. I recommend ECDS hands down to anyone who asked."

~ T.B. Norton

"Quinn has really developed this year. He now has a much better foundation for phonics, numbers and letter recognition. He has learned to add and subtract with ease. I love the child to teacher ratio that ECDS offers. Ms. Shauna is so patient and always develops fun activities that allow Quinn to learn and have FUN." ~K.G. Easton

"We have had three boys go through ECDS’s programs. 8 years in total. My favorite part of the school has been the loving, welcoming and nurturing environment. All the teachers have been caring with our boys. Mrs. Colbert and Ms. Shauna have been great!" ~A.D. Easton

"What I like best about Easton Country Day is the special attention he receives as well as the small class size and stimulating educational opportunities catered to his individual needs and skills. Noel has grown socially and emotionally during his time at ECDS and has continued to learn new skills and concepts." ~A.D. Brockton

"I love the little programs/shows that allow parents to have a chance to see the kids in their classroom setting. You can tell the children are always very proud of themselves during these performances. Thank you all so much for the care you give to the children." ~K.P. Easton

"The teachers do a wonderful job with the students. Making them feel welcome and that each day is an accomplishment of something new. My daughter used to be shy around groups of children and now she loves socializing at school. I love hearing about all of the fun things they did at school at the end of the school day." ~L.D. Easton

"I think there is a great mix of work and play. Academics are made fun and my child enjoys recess. I like that my child enjoys school and looks forward to going every day and has made so many friends in a warm and caring environment. She has really blossomed at ECD, socially and academically. She absolutely loves school, her friends and her teachers and I couldn’t be happier with her progress and her confidence level. "~K.H Easton

"The environment at ECD is very welcoming and comfortable. Mrs. Burns and the whole staff make is a special place. My son’s social skills have definitely improved, especially with sharing, taking turns, and listening." ~A.K. Easton

"My child has been a great foundation of learning. I know she will continue to have success because of the knowledge she has gained at ECDS. I have enjoyed being part of ECDS. My three children have attended ECDS and all of them had a great experience." ~T.G. Easton

"Ally loves her teacher, Mrs. Colbert. She looks forward to her days she attends school. Her social skills and vocabulary have improved significantly since attending ECD." ~F. S. Mansfield

"Maeve’s vocabulary and ability to decode sight words has improved greatly this year. She continues to be encouraged to be a good friend by her teachers which is very much appreciated by her dad and I. It’s so hard to pick just one aspect I love about this school. Ms. Shauna is a top notch teacher and director. As an educator myself, it is the curriculum that is so impressive. Maeve is constantly challenged academically with an excellent Kindergarten curriculum, while at the same time being nurtured by the amazing staff." ~J.M. Easton

"Scarlet has learned so much during her first year at school. When she started she could barely count and now. She has since learned her numbers and letters and I extremely impressed with the information she has retained. She was also extremely shy around other children but now she loves school and has so many friends from class. The structure of the program is great. I like how she can tell me every aspect of the day, what projects she worked on, what letter, what songs, stories etc. Curriculum is great and she knows what to expect and also has a love of fun learning. I have been extremely impressed with the nursery program and happy to be signed up for next year’s PreK." ~C.G. Easton

"Many aspects of my son’s skills have improved. He is writing, speaking and problem solving better since he started. He has also improved with regards to his social skills, being in a consistent group environment. I enjoy the personal feeling, speaking with his teacher (and all teachers)." ~K.F Sharon

"Sophie is young for her class so I was nervous about her social development. I feel like her ability to play cooperatively and listen/follow instructions in a group setting has definitely improved. The teacher/student ratio is really amazing. While looking at preschools for Sophie I was so nervous that she would get "lost in the numbers" of other large programs. Right when I walked into ECDS my worries were gone and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with the surroundings. So happy to have found this gem of a preschool." ~K. D. Easton

"I have sent both my daughters to ECDS, and frankly, it gets better and better each year (and we started at a wonderful point to begin with!) ECDS is the perfect beginning into the school system. It fosters confidence, creativity, along with structure. The children are guided in a structured environment, yet it is kind, nurturing and warm. This to me is a difficult task to achieve! Yet, year after year, the kids feel happy and safe while building foundations to lead productive little lives. I highly recommend ECDS to anyone starting their little ones in school. The teachers are OUTSTANDING! They push the children's abilities while providing a safe haven where they are completely comfortable. Easton Country Day is definitely "the little schoolhouse", that produces strong little foundations for our most treasured possessions. I am sad that I am graduating from ECDS. We have been so fortunate to attend. "

S.M. ~ S. Easton

"The balance between curriculum and fun is what I like best about the Kindergarten program. Ms. Shauna has done a wonderful job keeping their attention with what they are learning and she does it in a fun, loving way. My son has had such a great year. He has made wonderful friends. He has learned so much. The caring and loving environment made him love school-which sends him onto "big boy" school on such a positive note. He truly loves Ms. Shauna and all of the teachers at ECDS. We are so glad we chose your school for him. We truly appreciate all you have done!" K.B.~ Easton

"What I like best about ECDS is how attentive you are to each student to make sure they are getting everything they can out of the school program. Being from W. Bridgewater I am so lucky and thrilled to have stumbled onto your school. I have loved having my daughter attend school there and I think that everyone is doing an excellent job! I can't wait for her sister to start in the fall." T. F. ~West Bridgewater

"My daughter has always been confident but I have noticed her "coming into her own" developing her own friendships. Obviously, the environment is one that encourages independence and self-confidence. What I like best about the preschool program is the nurturing, yet structured environment. It is a wonderful base to begin the educational career. Mrs. Colbert and Mrs. Burns = OUTSTANDING! A++ Fantastic! If I had 10 kids, I would send each and every one to ECDS. I have never once thought of looking into another school. This is THE place!" S. M. ~ S. Easton

"I really like that there are plenty of fun and academic choices for the kids. I like that there is so much flexibility with the lunch bunch. I like the 3 special "plays" the students put on throughout the year. Ms. Shauna always does a great job with the monthly newsletter, keeping me well informed. When I pick up my daughter at school Mrs. Colbert (or one of the teachers) always comes over to tell me what kind of day she had. This is our first year at ECDS and we couldn't be happier. I also like the modern, younger approach/feel to the preschool. So many schools still have the church basement preschool way of doing things, like they have been run for thirty years with no changes." A. R. ~ Easton

"What I like best about ECDS is the class size. The individual attention my son receives is incredible. We love it all. My son loves school so much. He smiles every day. There has not been one day he did not want to go to school." A. C. ~ N. Easton

"I see a huge improvement in my daughter. She loves school and her new friends. What I like best about ECDS are the teachers and all the activities they offer. I also like the lunch bunch and the way you can just tell that morning. It is very convenient. I also like how you order out for the lunch." K. D. ~S. Easton

"Since starting the nursery program my son's vocabulary has gotten better. He is starting to write stronger and knows all of his letters and can count to 20. He loves to read now (well his way of reading) and his social skills are amazing! I like that he is actually being taught the things he needs to know. I like that his individual needs are met even though he is in a class of 8 students. I want to thank you for everything you guys do. I have seen such a positive change in my son's learning skills and I am excited to know that he will be right on track when he starts Kindergarten in a couple of years." H. F.~ N. Easton

"I was really happy with the opportunity for my son to strengthen his social skills. The focus on both academic and social skills was so beneficial for him. Lunch bunch is a great program! he opportunity for my son to be "leader" during calendar time was also great because before September, he would have been too shy to lead. I was very nervous sending my son to school, as he has never been in any type of daycare or school. I was very impressed by how well he adjusted. I think the school and the teachers are great. I could not have asked for a better experience for my son. *Also, extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the school." C. N. ~Avon

"My daughter is excited about what she has learned and wants to show family members what she has learned. She has a positive attitude toward alphabet and numbers and it shows at home. What I like best about program is the personal attention given to the students and the overall comfortable environment the school gives to the kids. My daughter looks forward every day to her class, which says a lot." R. O. ~ N. Easton

"My daughter’s confidence has grown. She has greatly improved in her coloring, writing, letter identification, empathy and social skills. What I like best about ECDS is the small school environment."

J. M. ~ N. Easton

"I love the small caring environment where all of the teachers know my child. This is not a day care atmosphere. ECDS is structured like a school." S.S. ~ N. Easton

"We really enjoy the warm and caring staff and director. My son has felt welcomed and secure since day one." K.M. Easton, MA

"The teachers are wonderful! I could not say enough good things. My daughter learns through songs that she comes home and sings to us. She knows all her letters and numbers and now has more socialization with children her age. I have been thrilled with everything at ECDS. I tell everyone how great the school is and my daughter will be back next year." V.O. ~N. Easton

"Mrs. Colbert is wonderful! She has a gentle demeanor and tone and takes genuine interest and care with my child. A true asset to ECD! What I like best about the program is that it’s nurturing, small, and seems to be low key, but is very academic. My daughter is now a more confident child. She can write her letters and recognize man sight words. It is exciting to see her math skills also developing…. counting by 5’s and 10’s etc." B.R. ~S. Easton

"My son has made progress in all areas of development since attending ECDS. It is evident that much of his growth is due to the structure, teaching, and practices at ECDS. I also enjoy walking into such a positive environment every day. The teachers and director at ECDS always go out of their way to make each child feel welcomed and important. My child is glowing when I drop him off as well as when I pick him up. I have truly enjoyed sending my child to ECDS. He has come to love school. ECDS played a major role in helping him develop a positive view of school. I look forward to him attending Kindergarten here next year. Thank you to the teachers and director!" D.E. ~ N. Easton

"Thanks to all the teachers and staff who have created a comfortable and caring environment to our child, her fine motor skill and her writing skills have greatly improved. The nurturing and caring aspect of the program is what I like best. She has become more self-confident which has increased her ability to learn." A.C. ~N. Easton

"I’ve seen great improvement from my son in both his academic and social skills; from letter recognition, writing, and specifically with his being comfortable around others. The care that each teacher takes with each child and the teaching to each child’s ability is what makes ECDS stand out from the rest. Thank you for almost four years of teaching my children. They have both thrived in your environment. We will miss you all next year." J.M~N. Easton

"What I like best about my son’s program is that is it structures but also allows freedom for him to explore new things. I love that I don’t have to worry about his food allergies with ECDS. The teachers are always so great at making sure that he is safe. His socialization skills have definitely gotten better." P.J. ~S. Easton

"My daughters are so excited about learning all her sight words and learning how to read. She is starting to tell time, and tells us different months on the calendar. She loves going to school and learning new things every day. " S.F. Bridgewater

"My son has greatly improved since joining ECDS this year. His penmanship, counting, matching, reading, and behavior have greatly improved. His teacher’s positive reinforcement has built up my son’s self-confidence and for that I will be grateful always! I will highly recommend ECDS to all my friends. Thank you!" E.M. ~Easton

"We’ve been so happy with ECDS, it’s just a wonderful program, and has done so much to help my daughter grow! The curriculum is great. I’ve been very impressed with how well ECDS communicates with parents and how they hold true to their policies. Not only is my daughter learning so much, her teacher has done so much to help her open up and be more confident." K. S.A ~Avon

"I love the size and ratio of staff to kids in the school. Ms. Shauna and Mrs. Burns are the best! My son has gained a sense of pride in his preschool skills such as being a friend, number and letter identification and colors. We love ECDS!" J.M. ~ N. Easton

"I am extremely happy with my daughter’s first school year experience. Her skills have improved. She is more confident when she is counting. She has also improved her artistic skills. I like that the school is smaller in size. When a three-year-old comes into a school for the first time they are less likely to feel overwhelmed. For their first experience the offering of a two-day program is perfect as well for their age." ~C.B. ~ N. Easton

"My son has grown exponentially in his social and academic skills. The teachers have a lot of experience and are very caring toward the children, plus we love the small class size. "K.M. ~Sharon

"We are very happy with the program, director, and the teachers. My twins’ skills have improved in all aspects. We love the order and structure that the program provides. We also are appreciative of the daily feedback from my children's teacher. The learning seems to be fun for the kids. "K. C. ~N. Easton

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